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Matt Flinner

Advanced Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin Curriculum (10/8-12/7)




“I have taken nearly every course Matt has offered, even three at a time! Matt is a brilliant teacher. Every course is deep and rich with information. The material is thoughtfully explained, allowing a student to slowly transform the class material into music. I can’t imagine this journey without Matt Flinner.  His courses are a true life changing musical experience!”—Lisa S.




“Your classes are the best and most successful learning approach for me, Thank you.”—-Eric B. 






Register for any two fall courses and save $50!



Register for the Advanced Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin with Matt Flinner course


See the Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin 101 curriculum

See the Appalachian Mandolin Tunes and Techniques curriculum


This course is intended to help the intermediate to advanced mandolinist learn some new tunes while exploring various ways of learning the fretboard and improving their improvisational skills.  Fiddle tunes in various keys will be taught each week, and students will be given suggestions on how to improvise and/or create variations on these tunes. Scale and arpeggio exercises, picking exercises and fingering exercises will also be given to help students increase their improvisation skills.

Tunes will include “Denver Belle,” “A Red Prairie Dawn,” “Big Sciota,” “Elzic’s Farewell,” “Cricket on the Hearth” and many others (see below).

The course fee is $225. Register for any two fall courses by October 5th and save $50!  


WEEK 1 (10/8): 

Creating octave variations & transitions between octaves

Warmup exercises

Adding some ornaments (hammer-ons, pull-offs, etc.)

Ear training exercise I

Chinquapin Hunting

Bonus material: Winder Slide


WEEK 2 (10/15) 

Adding some runs to your solos

Some V to I licks

Ear training exercise II

A Red Prairie Dawn

Bonus material: Old Grimes 


WEEK 3 (10/22)

Minor and modal tunes

Using some bluesy licks

Blues scales in A and E

Blues licks in two positions

Elzic’s Farewell

Bonus Material: Ice on the Road


WEEK 4 (10/29) 

Some tunes in C

C Major Scale & Pattern

C Mixolydian Scale & Pattern

Ear training exercise III

Denver Belle

Bonus material: Ashland Breakdown


WEEK 5 (11/5) 

Adding some double stops to your playing

Moving double stops in improv

Double stops as position shifts

Licks up the neck

Big Sciota

Bonus material: Paddy on the Turnpike


WEEK 6 (11/13)

More playing up the neck

Diatonic patterns up the neck

Pentatonic patterns up the neck

Huckleberry Hornpipe

Bonus tune: Grey Eagle


WEEK 7 (11/19)

Playing rags

Circle of fifths exercises

7th chord inversions & diminished chords

Complex chord patterns—how to smooth them out

Some more V-I licks

Beaumont Rag

Bonus material: Bully of the Town


WEEK 8 (12/3) 

Tying it all together: using octaves, licks, patterns, positions, target notes and double stops to create variations

Exercises for speed

Cricket on the Hearth

Bonus material: New Chance Blues



The course fee is $225.  Register for any two fall courses and save $50!


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