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Matt Flinner

Early Country Mandolin Curriculum (10/2-12/9)



Your classes are moving me forward so very much. Thank you.” —Jean C.


“I started playing the mandolin a little over two years ago. I played the piano as a child, but having never played a stringed instrument before, my intention was to study as much as I could about technique, theory, improvisation and the various genres of music for the mandolin.  To that end, I have taken nearly every course Matt has offered, even three at a time! Matt is a brilliant teacher. Every course is deep and rich with information. The material is thoughtfully explained, allowing a student to slowly transform the class material into music. I can’t imagine this journey without Matt Flinner.  His courses are a true life changing musical experience!”—Lisa S.



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The Early Country Mandolin course will explore the roots of country music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s.  Students will learn melodies and rhythm for songs from early pioneers such as the Callahan Brothers, the Blue Sky Boys, the Louvin Brothers and the Monroe Brothers, along with exercises focusing on tremolo, double stops, playing in various keys, a bit of improv and more.  

The course is recommended for advanced beginner (knowledge of basic chords and at least a few songs and tunes s helpful) to intermediate players.  

60-minute class sessions take place online every Monday evening from October 2nd to December 4th at 9 pm eastern time, and 45-minute practice/review sessions take place every Saturday morning from October 7th through December 9th at 10 am eastern time.  The weeks of October 30th and November 20th are off due to Matt’s tour schedule and the Thanksgiving holiday.  

NOTE: It is helpful, but not essential, to be present for the live sessions.  All class sessions are recorded and available to view on the class website by the following day.  Here is the curriculum:


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WEEK 1 (10/2)

A bit of old-time mandolin

Picking Exercise I

Rhythm Exercise I

Getting better tone and volume

Ida Red (Fiddlin’ Powers & Family)


WEEK 2 (10/9)

The Blue Sky Boys

Tremolo Exercise #1

Double Stop Exercise #1

Hills of Roane County

The Butcher Boy


WEEK 3 (10/16)

Some Ragtime style 

Picking exercise #2

Double stop exercise #2

Moving smoothly between double stops

Nobody’s Business (Riley Puckett)

Just Because (Lone Star Cowboys)


WEEK 4 (10/23)

The Lilly Brothers

Picking Exercise #3

Double Stop Exercise #3

A few Everett Lilly licks

Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy

Little Annie


WEEK 5 (11/6)

The Louvin Brothers

Tremolo Exercise #2

Double Stop Exercise #4

Cash on the Barrelhead

You’re Running Wild


WEEK 6 (11/13)

The Monroe Brothers

Picking Exercise #4

A few Bill Monroe licks

Goodbye, Maggie

Where Is My Sailor Boy?


WEEK 7 (11/27)

The Callahan Brothers

Some bluesy licks

Melodic Pattern I

Double Stop Exercise #5

Freight Train Whistle Blues

She’s Just that Kind


WEEK 8 (12/4)

Some more Monroe Brothers

Picking Exercises for Speed

A few more Bill Monroe licks

Have a Feast Here Tonight

Rollin’ On


The course fee is $225.  

Register for Early Country Mandolin with Matt Flinner



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