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Matt Flinner

Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin 101 with Matt Flinner Curriculum (3/27-6/3)




All your courses are really good, very well designed, and you have a great teaching style and a relaxed, open, while also serious, approach – which really comes across with the live lessons – thank you for being so encouraging always!”—Penny J.




“I got a lot out of it! Everyday I have a practice routine based on the summer intensive. You have helped me by leaps and bounds.”—Sandy N.








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See the Building Mandolin Technique curriculum (3/29-6/3)


Welcome to Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin 101!  This course will introduce students to the core of bluegrass/fiddle tune repertoire and help them improve their mandolin technique along the way.  Exercises in scales, arpeggios double stops, backup, and creating variations will give students the tools they need to move forward in their playing and enable them to play more comfortably on their own or with other players in jam sessions.  Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin 101 will start at a beginner/intermediate level and progress to a solidly intermediate level.

The course runs from March 27 to June 3, with class sessions on Monday evenings at 9 pm eastern time (except the weeks of April 24 and May 8, which will be off due to Matt’s travel schedule), and follow-up practice sessions on Saturday mornings at 10 am eastern time.  Students will have a total of eight class sessions and eight practice sessions over the course of 10 weeks.  Students are NOT required to attend all (or any) of the live sessions; all sessions will be recorded and available to view afterward (generally by the next day) anytime at the students’ convenience.



Register for Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin 101


Here is the curriculum for the Fiddle Tunes for Mandolin 101 online course:


WEEK 1 (3/27)

Picking and rhythm

Picking Exercise I

Fingering Exercise I

Scales: D Major and G Major

Open style backup in D

Arkansas Traveler

Bonus material: Muddy Roads


WEEK 2 (4/3)

Getting a fuller sound using open strings

Picking Exercise II

Fingering Exercise II

Open style backup in G

Leather Britches

Bonus material: Temperance Reel


WEEK 3 (4/10)

Octave variations

Picking Exercise III (three and four string exercises)

Fingering Exercise III

Scale Patterns: thirds in D and G

Open style backup in A

June Apple

Bonus material: Tater Patch


WEEK 4 (4/17)

Transitions between octaves

Learning Chord Tones

Major Arpeggios

3 Chord Inversions

Playing backup using basslines and moving chords

St. Anne’s Reel

Bonus material: Squirrel Hunters


WEEK 6 (5/1)

Throwing in some licks

Scales: A Major and A Mixolydian; D Major and D Mixolydian

Open style chords in C

Dominant Arpeggios

Billy in the Lowground

Bonus Material: Farewell to Trion


WEEK 6 (5/15) 

Creating variations using target notes

Minor Arpeggios

Minor Scales

The Kitchen Girl

Bonus Material: The Growling Old Man and the Grumbling Old Woman


WEEK 7 (5/22)

Incorporating Double Stops into Your Solos

Double Stop Exercise in A

Scales: A Dorian, D Dorian

Fire on the Mountain

Bonus material: Back Up and Push


WEEK 8 (5/29)

Various approaches to improvising

Pulling it all together: octave changes, chord tones, licks and double stops as part of your solos

Forked Deer

Bonus material: Liza Jane



The course fee is $225.  Register here

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