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Matt Flinner

Blues Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum (10/7-12/11)





This was the best online learning experience I’ve ever had.  And, for the time and money, the best music learning experience in any format:  DVD, video, group, or individual live lessons.”—Christine R.



“Thanks for the terrific class! I had my mandolin lurking in the corner for 9 months before I took this class. I played with it now and then but felt out of my depth, having only played piano in the past. A few weeks into your class, I couldn’t put down my mandolin, practicing far more than my kids want me to. In addition to the wonderful tunes we learned in class, I started to pick out other melodies like Christmas carols, simple gifts, harry potter, star wars; anything I hear I want to find it on the mandolin.”—Randy R.








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Blues mandolin returns to the Bluegrass Mandolin 101 online program!  In this course, we’ll be learning how to play a variety of blues styles and grooves on the mandolin. We’ll go deep into recordings from the 1920s and 30s, drawing from the playing of Carl Martin, Charlie McCoy, Yank Rachell, Johnny Young and Howard Armstrong, among others.  Rhythm playing, lead playing and improvising will all be covered, with suggestions on chord forms, rhythmic patterns and licks across a variety of blues tunes in various keys and tempos.  

Class sessions will meet up on Wednesday evenings at 9 pm eastern time, with follow-up practice sessions on Saturdays at 12:30 pm eastern time.  

The course is intended for players at any level who are interested in blues mandolin.  Register here.


Here is the curriculum: 



Basic blues

Blues scales

Some blues licks

Basic blues backup

Picking Exercise I

Let My Peaches Be (Charlie McCoy)

Carl’s Blues (Carl Martin)



Some more blues licks

Tremolo exercises

3-note chords in backup

Four Day Blues (Eddie Dimmiitt)

Baby Got the Rickets  (Vol Stevens)



Slow blues backup

Open style double stops in backup

Some triplet licks on slow tunes

Picking Exercise II

Trouble on Your Hand No. 1 (Carl Martin)

Going to Pack Up My Things and Go (Yank Rachell) 



Some more double stop shapes

Picking Exercise III

Some syncopated licks

You Got Me Rollin (Will Weldon)

Vol Stevens Blues (Vol Stevens) 



Open Style double stops II

More double stop licks

Barnyard Dance (Carl Martin)

Do the Boogie Mama (Yank Rachell)



Blues in D

Some Johnny Young Licks

Tremolo exercise II

Mandolin Rock (Johnny Young)

Stealin’ (Johnny Young)



Ragtime Progressions

More 3-Note chords

State Street Rag Picking Exercise

Too Long (Charlie McCoy)

New State Street Rag (Howard Armstrong)



Tying it all together

Picking exercise IV

Double-time picking exercise

Wading Through Deep Water (Howard Armstrong)

Smokey Joe (Yank Rachel)


The course fee is $225. 

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