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Matt Flinner

Advanced Swing Mandolin: the Solos of Jethro Burns and Tiny Moore Curriculum (10/6-12/11)




This was the best online learning experience I’ve ever had.  And, for the time and money, the best music learning experience in any format:  DVD, video, group, or individual live lessons.”—Christine R.



“I’m loving the instruction and all the materials, it’s got me playing my mandolin constantly!”—James M. 



“Your classes are the best and most successful learning approach for me, Thank you.”—-Eric B.  







Register for Advanced Swing Mandolin Soloing: the Solos of Jethro Burns and Tiny Moore


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Brand new this fall is a course exploring swing mandolin playing by two great masters: Jethro Burns, Tiny Moore.  Two swing standards will be taught each week, along with transcribed solos from each of these virtuosos.  Some analysis will be given, along with some extra exercises to help students understand, apply and expand on concepts from the solos in their own playing—whether on the given tunes or any other jazz standards.  Along the way, students will learn plenty of melodic ideas, licks and bits of theory to help them energize their playing and navigate the wonderful world of swing!

The course is intended for intermediate to advanced level students.  

Class sessions will take place on Tuesday afternoons at 2 pm (for those in the UK and Europe!) as well as 9 pm eastern time, with follow-up practice/review sessions on Saturdays at 11 am eastern time.  The weeks of  November 2nd and 23rd will be off due to Matt’s touring schedule and the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.  There will be eight class sessions (or 16, if you count the extra afternoon sessions) and eight practice sessions over the course of 10 weeks.  


Register here.


Here is the curriculum: 



WEEK 1  (10/5)

Some blues

A few blues licks

Arpeggios and chord tones in soloing

One O’Clock Jump (Jethro Burns)

Three Guitar Special (Tiny Moore)


WEEK 2  (10/12)


Some ii-V-I licks


Arpeggio Exercise I

Swing 42  (Jethro)

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (Tiny)


WEEK 3  (10/19)

Chord tones in soloing

Arpeggio Exercise II

Avalon (Jethro)

Out of Nowhere (Tiny)


WEEK 4  (10/26)

A few cool licks

Chromatic runs

Using neighbor tones in soloing

Tiny’s Rag (Tiny) 

I iWant to Be Happy (Jethro)


WEEK 5  (11/9)

Minor progressions

Minor ii-V-is

Blues licks in minor keys

Jethro’s Tune (Jethro)

I Surrender, Dear (Tiny)


WEEK 6  (11/16)

Some diminished ideas

Arpeggio Exercise III

Double Stop Exercise II

Airmail Special (Tiny)

Don’t Be That Way (Jethro)


WEEK 7  (11/30)

Some more triplet licks

Arpeggio Exercise IV

Diatonic arpeggio licks

Back to Back (Tiny)

Diane (Jethro)


WEEK 8 (12/7)

Tying it all together 

Some more cool licks

Whole tone ideas

If Dreams Come True (Jethro)

Stumbling (Tiny)


The Course fee is $225.  

Register for Advanced Swing Mandolin Soloing: the Solos of Jethro Burns and Tiny Moore


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