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Matt Flinner

Newgrass Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum (1/6-3/6)




“This was the best online learning experience I’ve ever had.  And, for the time and money, the best music learning experience in any format:  DVD, video, group, or individual live lessons.”—Christine R.



“Thanks for the terrific class! I had my mandolin lurking in the corner for 9 months before I took this class. I played with it now and then but felt out of my depth, having only played piano in the past. A few weeks into your class, I couldn’t put down my mandolin, practicing far more than my kids want me to. In addition to the wonderful tunes we learned in class, I started to pick out other melodies like Christmas carols, simple gifts, harry potter, star wars; anything I hear I want to find it on the mandolin.”—Randy R.







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Newgrass Mandolin with Matt Flinner returns!  This course leads students from the world of modern bluegrass mandolin into some other “newgrass” styles, giving them a broad variety of approaches to soloing and playing backup.  Following the lead of players like Sam Bush and David Grisman, the course will explore ways of adding new elements to the students’ playing in both lead and backup, from bluegrass to some Rock & Roll influence to a bit of jazz and more.  Expand your horizons, and learn some new tunes along the way!  In addition to the above mentioned titans of mandolin, we’ll also look at some solos by the likes of Tim O’Brien, John Duffey, John Reischman and others.  

The course runs from January 6-March 6, and is intended for intermediate to advanced players.  Classes take place Wednesday evenings at 9 pm eastern time, and practice/review sessions take place on Saturdays at 12:30 pm eastern time.  



Newgrass Mandolin with Matt Flinner curriculum: 


Week 1 (1/6)

Bluegrass just outside the box

Melodic Exercise I

A few Sam Bush licks

Dancin’ with the Angels

Prince of Peace


Week 2 (1/13)

Some John Duffey rock and roll licks

Blues licks in a few keys

Using different chord forms

Lay Down Sally

Breaking New Ground


Week 3 (1/20)

Rock & Roll grooves

The Rock & Roll chop feel

Adding ornaments in backup playing

Some more bluesy licks

Me and My Guitar

Funk 55


Week 4 (2/3)

Some more advanced progressions 

Picking Exercise I

A few David Grisman licks

Chord tones in solos

Plastic Banana

West Bank of the Eno


Week 5 (2/10)

More advanced harmony

Some picking exercises

Using double stops on advanced chord progressions

A bit of crosspicking

In the Plan

Wild Horses


Week 6 (2/17)

Jazz influenced progressions

A couple of chord forms

More work with chord tones

Arpeggio Exercise I

Swing 51



Week 7 (2/24)

More work with target notes

Picking Exercise II

A few Tim O’Brien licks

Brother Wind

Hey Joe


Week 8 (3/3)

Tying it all together

Varying grooves on the same tune

Approaches to improv: double stops, positions, scales and arpeggios

Pack of Fools

Bonus tune: Goin’ to the Fair


The course fee is $225.  

Register for Newgrass Mandolin with Matt Flinner

One comment on “Newgrass Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum (1/6-3/6)

  1. Dave Macdonald says:

    Hey there Matt
    Hope you have had a nice Christmas season and that it is not to cold for ya up there in the green mountains of Vermont…

    I am hoping the once a week format will help me reign in my tendency to ignore time and space a bit in my playing and give me some direction….I play enough with others on a regular basis and tend to count that time as ‘practice’’ although COVID has definitely cut into my opportunities to play with others as regularly as I was..

    I am in regular contact with Dan Sorensen, Steve Lindsley and Alec Boardman from Swannanoa and they all enjoy your online courses. I also want you to know that I have practiced the heck out of the ‘pointer finger on the root’ private lesson you gave me at Bibey’s camp in ‘19

    In any case, I’m looking forward to working with you again….see you soon

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