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Matt Flinner

Advanced Bluegrass Mandolin Soloing Curriculum (1/5-3/6)





“I’ve participated in many online learning programs, but so far, your format is the best I’ve ever seen. I am so pleased I happened upon your courses.”—Gina M.


“Your classes are moving me forward so very much. Thank you.” —Jean C.



“It was nice there were various assignments which pushed my ability. Never felt I had “mastered” ALL the homework so never got bored. Always something to work on or do next.”—Joe S.




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Join Grammy-nominated mandolinist Matt Flinner for a look into the mandolin styles of many of the bluegrass masters: Bill Monroe, Jesse McReynolds, Doyle Lawson, Adam Steffey and many others. Each week, students will look at two recorded solos by one of the greats, along with some related exercises to help both improve technique and find ways of using melodic ideas in other solos.

The course is recommended for intermediate to advanced players.


Week 1 (1/5)

Bill Monroe 

Melodic Pattern I

Chord Tone Exercise in a Few Keys

Rhythms using down-strokes

Picking Exercise I

Travelin’ Down this Lonesome Road

In Despair


Week 2 (1/12)

Doyle Lawson

Melodic development in a couple of positions

A few triplet licks

Picking Exercise II

Chord Tone Exercise II

Mighty Mississippi

Redwood Hill


Week 3 (1/19)

Bobby Osborne 

A few syncopated bluegrass licks 

Switching positions in various keys 

Open style double stop licks

My Cabin in Caroline

Once More 


Some in-between tunes:

Ira Louvin: Let Her Go, God Bless Her

Nate Bray: East Virginia Blues


Week 4 (2/2)

Roland White 

Slides within positions

Double Stop Exercise II

Connecting chord tones with chromatic runs

If I Should Wander Back Tonight 

Head Over Heels


Week 5 (2/9)

Buck White

Picking Exercise III

Closed position playing

Connecting double stops

Each Season Changes You

Buck’s Run  


Week 6 (2/16)

Jesse McReynolds

Crosspicking Exercises I and II

Double stops up the neck in the keys of G and F 

How to create crosspicking solos

Where the Soul Never Dies

Better Times a-Coming


Week 7 (2/23)

David McLaughlin

More licks in chop chord position

Shifting between positions continued

Using chord tones in soloing

Unwanted Love

Long Journey Home


Week 8 (3/2)

Adam Steffey

Picking Exercise IV

Open strings in various keys

Chromatic runs in B

Every Time You Say Goodbye

No Place to Hide



The course fee is $225.  

Register for Advanced Bluegrass Mandolin Soloing with Matt Flinner


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