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Matt Flinner

American Roots Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum (1/9-3/16)



“This was the best online learning experience I’ve ever had.  And, for the time and money, the best music learning experience in any format:  DVD, video, group, or individual live lessons.”—Christine R.





“Your classes are moving me forward so very much. Thank you.” —Jean C.






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Brand new this winter is a course that will take us on a journey through traditional roots musics across America.  The American Roots Mandolin course will explore many of the myriad styles of roots musics around the country, from Appalachia to New Orleans to New England to the desert southwest.  And all on the mandolin!  Along the way, we’ll explore various aspects of technique and learn more of the fretboard—and likely find many common threads that unite these musics within the great American cultural tapestry.  

Old-time, blues, Cajun music, contra dance, ragtime, early jazz, cowboy traditions and bluegrass music will all be touched on in this 8-week long course.  Two to three tunes will be given each week, with the lesson focusing on one of them in particular, along with several exercises to help with related technique.  Students are encouraged to learn whichever tune(s) suit(s) their ability level and/or interest.  

This course is recommended for advanced beginner through intermediate players, but players of any ability level who want to get a taste of various musical styles are encouraged to join as well!  

The course will take place on Wednesday evenings at 9 pm eastern time, with follow-up practice sessions on Saturdays at 12:15 pm eastern time (note: the weeks of February 4th and March 4th are off due to Matt’s tour schedule).  

All live sessions are recorded and available to view on the class website, as well as to download for off-line viewing in the future—so being there for the live sessions is not essential.  


Here is the curriculum:

WEEK 1 (1/9)

Southern Old-time Fiddle Tunes

Picking Exercise I

Using open strings as drone strings

Flop-Eared Mule

Cotton Eyed Joe

Devil in the Woodpile


WEEK 2 (1/16)

The Blues

7th chords

Blues licks

A couple of blues grooves

Whiskey Head Blues

Tappin’ That Thing

Nobody’s Fault But Mine


WEEK 3 (1/23)


Picking Exercise II

Ways of playing I-VI-II-V chord progressions

Using chord tones

State Street Rag

Hawkins Rag


WEEK 4 (1/30)

Cajun Tunes

Using open strings

Picking Exercise III

Double stops in A and D

Playing backup double stop parts

Jolie Blonde

Lacassin Special


WEEK 5 (2/13)

The Cowboy Tradition

More double stops

Playing in positions


When the Work’s All Done Next Fall

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie


WEEK 6 (2/20)

New England Contradance Tunes

Picking Exercise IV

Adding ornaments

Old French 

Valse Mon Pére


WEEK 7 (2/27)

Early Jazz

Swing rhythm playing

More use of chord tones 

Adding the blues

St. Louis Blues

Milenburg Joys

Creole Love Call


WEEK 8 (3/13)


Picking Exercise V

G-F Double Stop Exercise

E Double Stop Exercise

Bluegrass Breakdown

Watson’s Blues


The course fee is $225.

Register here.


Register for American Roots Mandolin with Matt Flinner

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