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Matt Flinner

Waltzes for Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum



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Join Matt Flinner for an 8-week online course focusing on waltzes for the mandolin.  Students will be taught tunes that are quickly accessible to players of all ability levels, and they’ll also get exercises to help with fundamentals of picking, tremolo, double stops, chord positions, and various positions around the neck.

The course runs from January 9 to March 18; class sessions take place on Monday evenings from 9-10 pm eastern time, and follow-up practice sessions take place on Saturdays from 9-9:45 am eastern time.

The course is intended for students at a beginner to intermediate level.


The course fee is $200.


“Being able to stop and return to a more challenging exercise or a newer phrase is great for learning. I also really appreciate your availability to answer questions offline. This is a great course, and I feel as though I’m improving daily because of it.”—Joe C.

“The level was perfect. Mentally I understand many things that have opened up the fingerboard a lot; now I need some quality time to get it under my hands. I found things challenging without feeling out of reach.”—Stan M.

“I’m really enjoying the course. The first time I’ve actually practiced an instrument in my 60 years!”—Skip H.



Week 1

Getting started with melody and chords

Open style chords

Picking Exercise I

Rhythm Exercise I

The Greenwood Tree

Planxty Irwin


Week 2

Using down-up technique in 3/4

Minor open style chords

Picking Exercise II

Legato playing

The Ash Grove

Down Home Waltz


Week 3


Tremolo Exercises

Rhythm Exercise II

Sheebeg and Sheemore

Westphalia Waltz


Week 4

Using some double stops

Double Stop Exercise in D

Using Bluegrass “Chop” Chords

Ashoken Farewell

Ookpik Waltz


Week 5

Waltzing with chords

Chord Inversions

Star of the County Down



Week 6

Moving double stops

Double Stop Exercise in A

Double Stop Tremolo Exercise

Midnight on the Water

Margaret’s Waltz


Week 7

Positions up the neck

G and D Positions

Grand Valley Waltz

Valse de Pastouriaux


Week 8

Tying it all together

Moving Double Stops, Positions, and Chords

Kentucky Waltz

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry


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Get more info on other courses offered in Winter 2017.

2 comments on “Waltzes for Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum

  1. Hello sir, is the course in a video format that would allow the student to replay it after hearing/seeing it live?


    • flinner says:

      Hi Bill,

      Sorry for the delay! Yes, the live class sessions are all recorded and available for students to view on the class website the following day. Some students rely on this when they are unable to attend a live class session, and some also like to replay the session after being there live.
      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thanks and Happy New Year,
      Matt Flinner

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