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Matt Flinner

Gypsy Swing Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum



“Your course was exactly what I have been looking for.  It was well structured with a ton of good material.  I like that fact that we were given tunes to learn but also tools that allows me expand the lessons beyond the course tunes to others that I already know.”—Todd M.


“I’m really enjoying the course. The first time I’ve actually practiced an instrument in my 60 years!”—Skip H.


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Explore the wonderful world of Gypsy Swing on the mandolin from the comfort of your own home!  Matt Flinner will lead you through the classic 1930s music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli and help you explore the fingerboard, learn new ways of playing chord progressions and help you acquire the tools you need to play and improvise in the Gypsy Jazz genre.

Each week, students will be given two tunes and a handful of exercises in scales, arpeggios, and/or chord inversions and chord movement, along with at least one transcribed Django Reinhardt solo from one of the two tunes.  The goal will be to become more comfortable playing Gypsy Swing melodies and chord progressions, get better at improvising and ultimately get out and play this music with other people!

The course is intended for students at an intermediate to advanced level.  The course will start out fairly easy (lower intermediate?), and will gradually progress to a more advanced level.

The course runs from January 4-March 11.  Classes take place online on Wednesday evenings from 9-10 pm eastern time, and practice/review sessions take place on Saturdays from 12:15-1 pm eastern time.


The course fee is $200.



A Couple of Basic Chord Progressions

Finding Chord Tones for the First Chord Changes in a Tune

A Couple of Chord Inversions

Sheik of Araby




Minor Scales: Dorian and Harmonic Minor

Minor Chords and Inversions

Starting Phrases on Chord Tones

Minor Swing

Swing 39



The Circle of Fifths

Playing Dominant 7 Chords Around the Circle of Fifths

Playing Arpeggios Around the Circle of Fifths

Swing 42

Swinging with Django




A Couple of ii-V-I Inversions

A Couple of Melodic Patterns

After You’ve Gone




Harmonic Minor Scales II

A Few Handy Harmonic Minor Licks


Dark Eyes



I-vi-ii-V-I Progressions

Finding Chord Tones on the I-vi-ii-V-I

Triplet Patterns





Chromatic Chord Progressions

Chromatic Scales and Fingerings

More Triplet Ideas





IV-#IVdim-I-VI-II-V-I Turnarounds

Two Smooth Ways of Playing Turnarounds

Diminished Chord Shapes

Diminished Arpeggios

Django Rag

Django’s Tiger


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One comment on “Gypsy Swing Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum

  1. Todd allen says:

    Hello, Is this course material archived and available for purchase? This is exactly what I’m looking for as i delve into gypsy jazz. Thanks

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