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Matt Flinner

“The View from Here” Mandolin Tablature Book Is Available!


When Matt Flinner released “The View From Here” CD 25 years ago, it became an instant classic mandolin album. Listening today, it’s still as fresh and exciting as it was when it first came out.

To celebrate the 25 year anniversary of “The View From Here”, Matt Flinner has released a book of transcriptions of the melodies and the solos he played on the recording.

Matt also designed exercises for each of the tunes to help mandolin players with the tricky parts of the tunes. If you’ve ever taken a Matt Flinner class online, you know that he designs amazing exercises to help his students with the tunes he is teaching. The book features an exercise for each tune, honing in on the skills a player needs to play the tune.

The book is 60 pages long plus the covers. It’s spiral bound to lay flat on your music stand or desk. The inside pages are on nice quality uncoated paper for easy reading. Besides the transcriptions and exercises, the book includes a nice selection of photos of the groups Matt has played with along with a few of his legendary Gilchrist F5.

Books are $25 plus $5 shipping in the U.S.  For international orders, we’ll ask that you please add another $10-15 in shipping depending on where you are in the world!  (We’ll email you after you order, or you can email us at [email protected] and we’ll let you know.) 

Order your copy of “The View from Here” Mandolin Book by Matt Flinner:

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14 comments on ““The View from Here” Mandolin Tablature Book Is Available!

  1. Doug Holder says:

    HI Matt,
    I’m happy to pay the shipping to Canada. I’ve just paid for the book with Paypal, so you can let me know what the shipping cost is and I’ll pony up.Looking forward to it.

  2. Doug Holder says:

    Looking forward to the book.

  3. Raphael says:

    Dear Matt

    I am interested in your “The View From Here” book of transcriptions, but I live in Europe, in Switzerland. Is it possible to send it to me anyway?

    I managed to write part of the relatively slow song “The view from here” (with the help of my teacher…) but am struggling with your faster songs and the chords…

    Is there also a book for *”Latitude”?

    Thank you for your answer, your breathtakingly beautiful music and all the best from Switzerland,


    • Hi Raphael,

      I’m so sorry for the delay! And thank you for your kind message. I’d be happy to get a book to you, and can still apply the shipping discount since you contacted m during the sale.
      That’s so great that you’ve got part of “The View from Here Down”! I’m honored that you’d take the time to work it out.
      I do not have a book for “Latitude”; maybe in the semi-near future, though.

      Thank you, Raphael!
      All the best,

  4. Woohoo! Just paypalled you. Sure am looking forward to this. Thank you, Matt!

  5. Alec Boardman says:

    Looking forward to receiving transcription of The View From Here

  6. Steve Butler says:

    Received my copy of the book yesterday and have been working on learning The View From Here already. I love the melody and already have the first part under my fingers pretty well. The handwritten note posted on the cover was a nice touch, thanks Matt.

  7. Barry Cooper says:

    Hi Matt
    I was wondering if the book has notation or is it only tab?
    Barry from Ottawa

  8. Roger Leonard says:

    This will be the most significant bluegrass workbook since Jack Tottle’s famed “Bluegrass Mandolin.”

  9. Liam says:

    Hi Matt – this was a very important album for my brother in law – possible to get a signed book and album (cd or vinyl) for him by Christmas! Sorry so late, just had the idea!!

  10. David Horovitz says:

    Hi Matt, I just ordered a copy of your new book. This album has been one of my favorites ever since it came out – just such wonderful playing by all and the tunes are somehow simultaneously new and familiar sounding. They certainly have stood the test of time! I’m curious if your book also includes a transcription of the Untitled track? This one has stumped me for years with it’s generous use of dead space at the beginning. How do you count keep track of all those measures before the notes begin? And what key is it in anyway??

    • Hi David,

      Thank you—I’m so glad to hear it! And I hope you’ll enjoy the book.
      As you implied, the last track is much too difficult to transcribe. If I had to guess the key, I’d say it’s in the key of L.

      Thanks David!

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