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Matt Flinner

New Acoustic Mandolin with Matt Flinner Curriculum, 4/5-6/11




“I have done some online courses, some one-on-one instruction and some camps.  The course I just finished with you has been the most useful by a pretty large margin.  Thanks for both the thought and effort that went into the design and material preparation and for the personal presence you bring to it.”—Steve F.




“I got a lot out of it! Everyday I have a practice routine based of the summer intensive. You have helped me by leaps and bounds.”—Sandy N.










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 “New Acoustic” music has come a long way since it first started up some 40 years ago.  What was started by the likes of David Grisman, Tony Trischka, Sam Bush and others in the 1970s as an outgrowth of bluegrass and jazz has grown into a wide-ranging music incorporating elements of rock and roll, Hot Club Jazz, folk music, old-time music and more.  We’ll explore this modern frontier of music and give students many of the tools they’ll need to play the tunes as well as improvise and play backup in new ways with new rhythms.  Tunes by the masters listed above, plus a few from Tony Rice, Darol Anger, Bela Fleck and other pioneers of New Acoustic music will be featured, along with exercises to help students learn the fretboard and improve their fundamental skills—all for the purpose of playing more effectively in any style (and, especially, having more fun playing the mandolin!).  

This course runs from April 5 to June 11.  Classes take place on Tuesday evenings at 9 pm, and follow-up practice sessions take place on Saturdays at 11 am eastern time.  While it is recommended, students do not need to be present for the live sessions, as all sessions are recorded and available to view by the following day.  Students may also download all class sessions and watch them offline at their convenience.  

This course is recommended for students at an intermediate to advanced level.  


The course fee is $225.  Register here.  


WEEK 1 (4/5)

New Acoustic Fiddle Tunes

Slightly more complex chord progressions

Variations using octaves and chord tones

Major scale exercises 

Picking Exercise I


Blue Mountain


WEEK 2 (4/12)

Major 7, Dominant 7 and Minor 7 chord forms

Some David Grisman rhythms and licks

A few blues ideas


A Robot Plane Flies Over Arkansas


WEEK 3 (4/19)

Some jazz waltzes

Rhythmic patterns in the jazz waltz

Using chord tones

Some positions up the neck


Waltz for Indira


WEEK 4 (4/26)

Minor Keys

Mixolydian and Dorian modes

Melodic patterns 

A few minor licks

Picking Exercise II




WEEK 5 (5/4)

Some Latin rhythms

Diatonic 4-note chord exercise

More with chord tones




WEEK 6 (5/17)

Advanced New Acoustic rhythms

Going between 4/4 and 3/4

Rhythmic exercise II




WEEK 7 (5/24)

Some rock and funk rhythms

Some Sam Bush grooves and licks

Picking Exercise III


The Lochs of Dread


WEEK 8 (5/31)

Tying it all together

Advanced chord progressions

Using chord tones 

More melodic patterns

Using various grooves in a tune

Neon Tetra

Key Signator



The course fee is $225.  

Register here


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