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Matt Flinner

Mandolin Practice Techniques; 5-Day Courses to Help You Improve Your Playing


“All your courses are really good, very well designed, and you have a great teaching style and a relaxed, open, while also serious, approach – which really comes across with the live lessons – thank you for being so encouraging always!”–-Penny J.




“After buying six mandolins and umpteen books…I am convinced your course is best $100 I have invested in my mandolin journey to date.  Finally, I’m getting the discpline I need with your exercises to learn scales, arpeggios, double stops, fingering techniques, learn the fretboard (the essential tools I need)…and most importantly to learn how those things fit into playing tunes.” —Rick D.




Register here for Week 1 (January 2-6) 

Register here for Week 2 (January 8-12)

Register here for Week 3 (January 22-26)

Register here for Week 4 (January 29-February 2)


Join Matt Flinner for a series of 5-day courses this winter which are geared toward helping the aspiring mandolin student practice more efficiently and improve their playing skills more quickly.  Every day for five days, students will run through a series of exercises and one tune, with Matt guiding them in a live 30-minute online practice session.  Students who are unable to make the live sessions can view them later that day or evening on the class website, as all sessions will be recorded.  


Students will be given exercises in the following areas: picking exercises, arpeggios, scales, fingering exercises, double stops, and a tune for the week.  Students will receive the materials in PDF form four weeks ahead of time (or whenever they sign up) so that they have a chance to learn them before the course begins.  Matt will then guide them through daily practice sessions for five straight days, giving them tips on how to improve and how to practice more effectively.  



All class sessions take place from 10-10:30 am eastern time, except for the January 6 session (at the end of week 1), which will take place from 11-11:30 am eastern time.  


The four weeks’ courses are different from one another, with different materials and a different tune being given for each week.  Students can take any single course on its own or take any combination of courses to establish a routine and build on knowledge from one course to the next.  

The registration fee for each course is $40.  


Students can view all materials (videos and PDFs) on a class website any time, and they can also download and keep all PDFs and videos (including recordings of the class sessions) to practice with on their own time if they wish to.  



Register here for Week 1 (January 2-6) 

Register here for Week 2 (January 8-12)

Register here for Week 3 (January 22-26)

Register here for Week 4 (January 29-February 2)


WEEK 1 Curriculum (1/2-1/6)

Picking Exercise I

Fingering Exercise I

Double Stop Exercise I in G

Scales and Patterns in G

Major 7 Arpeggio Exercise

Lick #1 in All Keys

Tune: Leather Britches


Register here for Week 1



WEEK 2 Curriculum (1/8-1/12)

Picking Exercise II

Fingering Exercise II

Double Stop Exercise II in D

Scales and Patterns in D

Dominant 7 Arpeggio Exercise

Lick #2 in All Keys 

Tune: Cotton Eyed Joe


Register here for Week 2


WEEK 3 Curriculum (1/22-1/26)

Picking Exercise III

Fingering Exercise III

Double Stop Exercise III in A

Scales and Patterns in A

Minor 7 Arpeggio Exercise

Lick #3 in All Keys 

Tune: The Kitchen Girl


Register here for Week 3



WEEK 4 Curriculum (1/29-2/2)

Picking Exercise IV

Fingering Exercise IV

Double Stop Exercise IV in C

Scales and Patterns in C

I-IV-V Arpeggio Exercise

Lick #4 in All Keys 

Tune: Shady Grove (in C Major)


Register here for Week 4



Questions? Contact Matt at [email protected]


3 comments on “Mandolin Practice Techniques; 5-Day Courses to Help You Improve Your Playing

  1. Richard Grinham says:

    Hi Matt

    Would you let me know when the next 5 day course will run. I am UK based, many thanks.


    • flinner says:

      Hi Richard,

      My best guess is sometime in the summer; it’s hard to say for sure. I’ll be posting it here, or feel free to join the email list and you’ll get an email notification about it.

      Thanks Richard!
      Matt Flinner

  2. Robert Ahl says:

    Hi Matt
    Do you sell the 4 weeks course after the end of the course? I discovered too late week 1 and 2. Signed up for week 3. Have downloaded all video files and pdf files for week 3, great. I would like to pay for and download week 1, 2 and 4.

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