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Mando Europe! Bluegrass Mandolin 101 Now Offered at Europe-Friendly Times


New this spring: Mando Europe!



Bluegrass Mandolin 101 class sessions will also be taught at Europe-friendly times, so you don’t have to stay up until 3 am!  All Monday class sessions are offered at 7 pm in the UK and Ireland, or 8 pm for most of Europe (2 pm U.S. East Coast time).  Students are welcome to join either of the Monday sessions—the U.S./Canada or European class times (or both!).  Saturday practice sessions take place with the entire group of students at 3 pm (UK and Ireland) and 4 pm (Europe).  



Bluegrass Mandolin 101 will start at a beginning/intermediate level and progress to a solidly intermediate level.  This course will introduce students to the use of double stops and various positions on the neck, as well as various picking and fingerboard exercises to help develop good mandolin technique and knowledge of the fretboard.  Each week, students are given two standard bluegrass tunes (and encouraged to learn at least one of them); that weeks exercises are correlated to the tunes during the week’s practice session to give the students some practical use of the week’s exercises.


The registration fee is $200.  

Register here.

Go to the Spring Courses info page here.


Questions?  Email [email protected]




Week 1 (3/27)

Three warmup exercises
Intro to position playing
Intro to double stops
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Bonus Material: Down to the Valley to Pray

WEEK 2 (4/3)

Moving to the key of A
Some tag licks to add to your solos
Backup playing and fills
I’ll Fly Away
Bonus Material: Long Black Veil

WEEK 3 (4/10)

Small position shifts
Adding some more licks to your solos
Double stop exercises in D
Banks of the Ohio
Bonus material: Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

WEEK 4 (4/17)

Position playing II
Three different kickoffs
Chord tones in position playing
Man of Constant Sorrow
Bonus Material: Evening Prayer Blues

WEEK 5 (4/24)

Shifting from Position I to Position II
Transposing to other keys
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Bonus Material: You Are My Sunshine

WEEK 6 (5/1)

More position shifts
Turnarounds: I-V-I progressions
Double stop exercises in C
Sittin’ On Top of the World
Bonus material: Gold Watch and Chain

WEEK 7 (5/15)

Moving double stops around to create melody
An approach to improvising
Soldier’s Joy
Bonus material: Panhandle Country

Week 8 (5/22)

Tying it all together
Adding some licks and improvising
Combining double stops and licks
My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
Bonus tune: Foggy Mountain Top



Register for Bluegrass Mandolin 101 with Matt Flinner.

See the Bluegrass Mandolin 102 with Matt Flinner curriculum.

See the Bluegrass Mandolin 103: Advanced Bluegrass with Matt Flinner curriculum.

Go to the Bluegrass Mandolin 101 online program information page.



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