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Matt Flinner

Bluegrass Mandolin 102 Curriculum



Sign up by March 1st and get $25 off!


“Your course was exactly what I have been looking for.  It was well structured with a ton of good material.  I like that fact that we were given tunes to learn but also tools that allows me expand the lessons beyond the course tunes to others that I already know.”—Todd M.

“I’m really enjoying the course. The first time I’ve actually practiced an instrument in my 60 years!”—Skip H.




Here is the curriculum for the Bluegrass Mandolin 102 online course, which runs from March 28-May 27.  The course is intended for intermediate to advanced players.  Classes take place Tuesday evenings at 9 pm eastern time, and review sessions take place on Saturday mornings at 11 am eastern time (note: the week of May 1st is off, due to Matt’s tour schedule).  The registration fee is $200.

Sign up by March 1st and get $25 off!  All courses are just $175 ($25 off the regular course fee of $200) through 3/1.


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Week 1 (3/28)

Re-introduction to double stops
Picking Exercises I
Playing some fills
Keys of G, A, and D
Little Cabin Home on the Hill
Bonus tune: Little Joe

Week 2 (4/4)

Shifting positions
Double stop exercises in C and F
Adding some V-I licks
East Virginia Blues
Bonus Material: I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow

Week 3 (4/11)

Minor Keys
Minor double stop exercises
Wayfaring Stranger
Bonus tune: There Is a Time

Week 4 (4/18)

The Blues in Bluegrass
Finding blue notes
Blues licks you can throw into a tune or backup
Lonesome Road Blues
Bonus tune: Freight Train Boogie

Week 5 (4/25)

Waltz Time
Tremolo exercises
Double stops in E and B
Tag licks in 3/4 time
Down in the Willow Garden
Bonus tune: Blue Moon of Kentucky

Week 6 (5/8)

Crosspicking with double stops
Picking Exercises II
A few licks to throw in at the end of solos
Little Darlin’ Pal of Mine
Bonus tune: My Walkin’ Shoes

Week 7 (5/16)

Using diatonic double stops in creating melody
Diatonic double stop exercise
A few scales
Eight More Miles to Louisville
Bonus tune: John Hardy

Week 8 (5/23)

Tying it all together
Adding some licks and improvising
Combining double stops and licks
Dark Hollow
Bonus tune: John Henry


Sign up by March 1st and get $25 off!  All courses are just $175 ($25 off the normal course fee of $200) through 3/1.


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