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Matt Flinner

Free Online Mandolin Lesson 6/7/14

Hi folks,


Here’s our lesson from earlier today in its entirety.  We learned a new tune, “Hawks and Eagles” (or actually a really old tune), and also worked on a few picking exercises plus some scale, arpeggio and double stop exercises.  Then we tried plugging a few of those into the tune to create some variations.  And we got to watch a wasp buzz around my head repeatedly (the wasp eventually exited through a window, by the way).


This lesson is a bit of a sample of what we’ll be working on in the Bluegrass Mandolin 101 and 102 Summer Intensive courses.  These courses will be more exercise and technique-focused; we’ll use a tune each week to apply the exercises to, as we did in today’s lesson, but we’ll be adding some chord exercises and fingering exercises into the mix.  The focus will be on improving overall mandolin technique and applying technique exercises to actual tunes.

For more information on the Summer Intensive courses, visit the info page.

4 comments on “Free Online Mandolin Lesson 6/7/14

  1. James Richmond says:

    I enjoy your music very much, Thanks

  2. Mark Vann says:

    Hello Matt, Looking forward to the lesson!

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